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In French, “provenance” means origin or source. For us, this means a sense of belonging from the landscape to the people. An identity of shared roots and unspoken history. That place for Provenance Vineyards is Napa Valley. Our personality as a wine produce is unveiled in various Napa Valley vineyards. Each showcase unique origin and character of the wine they ultimately produce.
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a true sense of place
Our heavy lifting is done in the vineyards, months before harvest, seeking out the best areas and evaluating the growth and character of that vintage. Through 20-year relationships with top growers in Napa Valley, we understand the distinctiveness of each vineyard, and we let the character of the highest quality fruit speak for itself. Within Napa Valley, we source grapes from Rutherford, Calistoga and other American Viticultural Areas. Single vineyard fruit from Howell Mountain, Oak Knoll, Star, Sleeping Lady and others contribute as some as the highest quality fruit in the valley.
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