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Family Owned and Operated

This classic, casual luxury brand has made Napa Valley its home for the past 22 years. Like your favorite statement piece in your wardrobe, Provenance Vineyards embodies confidence, comfort, quality and style. Our natural style of winemaking charms the senses and highlights the roots of Napa Valley.
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Classic Family Roots with Italian Style
Provenance Vineyards began in 1999 and quickly earned a stellar reputation as the Napa Valley Cabernet house. Over the years, Provenance expanded into also producing tasting-room only regional exclusives and single-vineyard wine for other red, Bordeaux-style blends and white wine. Its founding family had the vision to produce fine wines that were true works of art of unique “provenance” or authentic origin.

Over the years, the brand has passed through the hands of two corporate owners. And in November 2021, the Allen Lombardi family acquired Provenance Vineyards. Attracted to its rich history, timeless style and strong growth potential, the Lombardis are committed to building the next chapter of the brand – increasing domestic distribution (and expanding globally) in fine wine shops and restaurants. The goal is make Provenance Vineyards wine more accessible to Napa wine lovers throughout the world.
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