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Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery Unveils Name Change Initiative: A Bold New Chapter Moving Forward as Provenance Vineyards

{Lodi, CA} – Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery, a producer of multiple national and international wine labels, is thrilled to announce an exciting name change and rebranding initiative that marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. Moving forward, the company will now be named after its premier brand and wine label – Provenance Vineyards.

The name change at Provenance Vineyards aims to reinforce the company’s commitment to quality and excellence, and to continue to bring an enriching experience to customers. Owners Allen and Tiana Lombardi are confident that embracing this name change will continue to propel the Provenance Vineyards brand in the national marketplace and will help to keep all Provenance wines at the forefront of the wine landscape.

“With the acquisition of Provenance, we want to embrace the heritage of this brand by bringing it back to its roots as family-owned and operated. We feel as this transition is long overdue,” said Company President Allen Lombardi.  “Our message is and will continue to be that Provenance Vineyards portfolio of wines is a luxury wine brand that delivers the highest quality at every price level we offer. It’s our goal to get out there and make the difference, and we are thrilled to be further embracing the legacy of Provenance moving forward.”


The Lombardi Family acquired Provenance Vineyards in November of 2021 with the vow to hold true to the brand’s purpose to produce timeless wines with unique ‘provenance’ or origin. Since the acquisition, Provenance has seen a substantial increase in national and international distribution, making these wines more accessible to Oenophiles around the world. The core portfolio has also been expanded with the release of the Deadeye Monterey County Chardonnay, Deadeye Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, and North Coast Sauvignon Blanc.

Connect with Provenance Vineyards:

Stay updated on Provenance Vineyards’ transformative journey and connect with us through our website and social media channels:

LinkedIn: @ProvenanceVineyards

Facebook: @ProvenanceVineyards

Twitter/’X’: @ProvenanceWine

Instagram: @ProvenanceWine

About Provenance Vineyards:

Provenance Vineyards is a 24-year-old, premium wine brand, known for seeking out the finest vineyard sources in Napa Valley and beyond, using purist winemaking traditions to craft well-appointed, approachable wines that express their distinct origin. Provenance Vineyards discovers the highest quality grapes for its Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; Deadeye by Provenance; and Fortitude Cabernet Sauvignon by Provenance.


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